I got reviewed on Underground Book Reviews

Wowie Zowie!
This nice lady said a lot of good things about me and my friends at Underground Book Reviews.  Now I’ll be famous. Everyone will know me and point and say there goes Penelope. But I never thought of myself as being like Sherlock Holmes. Hmmm. I wonder if I should get one of those cool hats. You know the type with a brim on each side so you can’t put it on backwards. No stinky pipes for me, unless it’s the kind made out of candy. I saw licorice pipes in a candy store once.

Good grief! Now I’m hungry. I wonder if Uncle Elmer—er, I mean Chef Johnny—is baking cookies again.  His macaroons are the best. And he makes a pretty awesome chocolate chip, too.  Maybe he’ll have both kinds.  Got to run.

Go check out the review of Penelope and The Birthday Curse

I almost forgot. Thank you, Miss Lynne!

Holy Moly!!!

Mr. Ron has put all my books on sale for 99 cents each!  Is he crazy? Don't know how long this deal will last, so stop by and check it out at Amazon and Smashwords.

Penelope and...

A Ghost Story and a Movie

Can't believe Spring is here.  It's been snowing at the school. Unlike most schools that close when it snows, my school goes on, because we live at the school. Tiffin Prep School is really cool. We've had a ghost, and a movie was made there. Check out some of my books at Amazon. For less than $8 you can buy the whole set on ebook or get the first book Penelope and The Birthday Curse for only 99 cents.  A real deal.